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Graduate Job Podcast – Episode 9 – How to get a job with a tech start-up with Alastair Paterson

Welcome to the 9th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast. This week I speak with Alastair Paterson, CEO of Digital Shadows, a hot UK tech start-up who are flying in the field of digital security. Alastair shares his considerable experience to tell you exactly what you need to do to get a job with a tech start-up. We cover all aspects of the recruitment process at a small start-up, from how to get an internship, how to get the job itself, common mistakes people make, how to stand out from the crowd, and finally how then to negotiate yourself some equity.


- The recruitment process at a tech start-up – (4.30)
- Skills tech start-ups are looking for in graduates – (8.24)
- How to stand out from the crowd in the tech start-up scene – (10.27)
- How to effectively use social media to interact with small tech companies – (11.24)
- Common mistakes people make in applying to tech start-ups – (14.04)
- What the working life is like at a company like Digital Shadows – (15.45)
- Top tips to get an internship with a tech start up – (17.10)
- What the internship recruitment process looks like at a London tech start-up – (20.58)
- Whether to start your career with a big company or a small tech start-up – (23.32)
- How to negotiate salary and equity at a tech firm – (25.28)

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